AFI #85: A Night at the Opera

There’s a moment in Woody Allen’s Hannah and Her Sisters in which Woody’s character is having an existential crisis and contemplates killing himself. As he wanders around New York, he stumbles into a random movie theater and it turns out the film playing is a Marx Brothers film. After a few minutes, Woody starts laughing and realizes that it’s the little moments — like enjoying a Marx Brothers film — that makes life worth living. He is so right.

I’m going to just go ahead and say it: if you don’t think the Marx Brothers are funny you are not a member of the human race. The Marx Brothers pretty much invented comedy, and not just slapstick humor but really clever comedy that keeps you on your toes. From Groucho’s word play to Harpo’s physical humor to Chico’s dim-witted “everyman” it’s all amazing and it leaves you in stitches. I had seen A Night at the Opera in the past, but that didn’t stop me from laughing out loud several times as I watched it again on my flight to Pittsburgh on Monday. The woman sitting next to me smiled each time I let loose a guffaw and it was probably louder than I thought because I was wearing a headset. I have to provide a clip for you because if you haven’t seen this you’ll crack up and even if you have you’ll be reminded how great these films are. Here’s a classic scene from A Night at the Opera:

A Night at the Opera was made in 1935 and it’s as funny today as it was back then. You know that saying that sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses? The Marx Brothers are the roses! Do yourself a favor and make some time in your life for A Night at the Opera or another classic Marx Brothers film.

Next up: Easy Rider


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