A Rose by Any Other Name is Still Oasis

If you enjoyed music in the 90s you probably listened to your share of Oasis. For a while they were the biggest band on the planet, and of course Noel and Liam Gallagher did everything they could to throw it all away in a series of drunken stupors — now that was rock and roll! Oasis tried to stay together over the last decade, and even made some records, but nothing came close to classics like 1994’s Definitely, Maybe and 1995’s (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? which is one of the best records of the decade in my humble opinion.

Looks like they decided to try again, this time without Noel. Last year Liam formed Beady Eye along with former Oasis members Gem Archer, Andy Bell and Chris Sharrock and their first album, Different Gear, Still Speeding, was recently released in the U.S. The first track getting airplay is called The Roller and it really caught my attention when I first heard it the other day. Here it is for your listening pleasure:

It sounds just like Oasis to me; in fact, it sounds like early 90s classic Oasis. Fan reviews have been solid and Beady Eye concerts are selling out across Europe and Japan. As of right now they are only making a few North American tour stops this summer before returning to Europe for more shows. I plan to give the record a good solid listen before making any major declarations about the return of Oasis, but I’m definitely, maybe impressed with the first song. The video for another tune, The Millionaire, is on their website at http://www.beadyeyemusic.com/ and it has a wonderful 60s sound to it that is a nice homage to the band’s influences like The Jam, The Kinks and of course, the Fab Four. What do you think?

One thought on “A Rose by Any Other Name is Still Oasis

  1. I’m anxiously awaiting Noel’s new album, but who knows when that will come out. I agree that Beady Eye sounds much like the Oasis stuff but how can it not with Liam singing? I think Noel will have the same problem. This latest album has taken a while to grow on me but I like it enough. I guess I’m just not as excited for it because it’s not both Noel and Liam. I just love the two of them together, they crack me up with their bickering, etc. I believe Noel’s solo stuff will be better than Liam’s. Can’t wait to hear it!

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